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- Improve academic performance with dedicated, expert tutors

- Enhance learning skills and confidence with personalized tutoring sessions and strategies

- Take advantage of a convenient learning experience with easy scheduling and flexible arrangements


What do we do?
We tutor students so they get into better schools, bigger scholarship programs and higher-paying jobs

What’s the problem we solve?
Learning Difficulties and Performance Anxiety

How do we solve it specifically?
We make unfamiliar subjects and concepts easy to understand, apply, and recall(especially under pressure)

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Your Child Will Get Personalized Tutoring

For each tutoring session, the maximum number of students is 4 to ensure that every student gets adequate attention.

At IQ learning, we tailor every tutoring session based on the individual needs of your child. Putting our main focus on the student’s point of weakness has helped our students to achieve more.

Tutoring Service Harris County
Tutoring Harris County

Fast Results

Most of our students have reported having better grades after attending our IQ tutoring classes for 24 hours. The results will vary from one student to the other but we promise a great improvement within a short time. In fact, if you stick with us for 48 hours or more, and your child follows our education guidelines, we guarantee a letter grade increase in your students’ grade or the next 8 hours are free

We Work with Passionate Tutors

At IQ Learning we employ only passionate tutors. They are all high academic achievers, and
they love teaching. They love to teach students how to build a strong academic foundation. Our
tutors consist of high school senior toppers who usually teach the elementary students, recent
college graduates and experienced University level faculty.

Harris County Tutoring Service
Harris County Tutoring

Flexible Tutoring Arrangements

At IQ Learning, we understand that our students must attend their normal classes and fulfill other obligations as well. This is why we strive to provide flexible tutoring sessions for each student.

Call us today and we will make proper arrangements to have your tutoring sessions at a time that is convenient for you. We will connect you with a tutor that will be available when you need him!

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IQ Learning offers a wide range of tutoring services to all our students. This will depend
on their level of education and their individual needs.

Here Are Some of the Services You Will Get From Us

Private Tutoring

You feel that your child will perform better with a one-on-one approach? We can provide this service too!

We understand that some students will need special attention to boost their confidence. We will make special arrangements for the student who cannot concentrate in a tutoring class together with others.

With this extra effort, your child will be more attentive and this will lead to better performance in school. We have tailored our private tutoring classes based on your child’s school level as you will see here:

Test Prep and Tutoring Services

At IQ Learning, we provide tutoring services for students who are preparing for various tests. In our approach, we will identify your child’s weaknesses and eliminate the things that make him get low grades. Then, we will adopt ways that will enhance his academic performance.

Whether your child is preparing for SAT, act, GT or STAAR, we will work towards building his confidence before handling the test. All our tutors understand the pressure that your child is going through as he prepares to take his placement test.

The best part? We have made all our tutoring programs following our IEE (Identify, Eliminate
and Enhance) approach. We will seek to understand your child’s weakness and his strength, then strive to get rid of his weaknesses.

If your child is consistent in attending our tutoring classes, he will definitely achieve better grades in his test.

Wondering how our SAT and act tests preparation tutoring works? I will make it even simpler

When your child comes to us, he will take an assessment test to help us understand his weaknesses. This will also help us to understand his abilities to tackle a test.

Once we get this information, we will tailor his test preparation classes based on the findings. The program will only last for 48 hours and we can guarantee that he will get exceptional grades.

Call us today and let us connect your child with the best tutor. We guarantee that he will be more prepared to handle his test once he goes through our tutoring program.

View our SAT Curriculum Here

Elementary School Tutoring

At IQ Learning, elementary students will undergo an ELA and Math program. To make the tutoring more effective, we have subdivided the program into different levels.

We have created curricula for every level. For Grades 4 and 5, we have created L1 and L2 levels. These curricula not only meet but exceed Texas independent school district levels.

Learning has never been easier for elementary students! We will make you a proud parent with the improved performance of your child.

Call us today and let us make tutoring arrangements that will make your child perform better!

Middle School Tutoring in Sugar Land

In this tutoring program, we have a detailed Mathematics and ELA tutoring program that we will subdivide into 5 levels. Level 1 and Level 2 are for students in Grade 4 and 5, whereas Level 3 to Level 5 are for students in Grade 6 to Grade 8.

For this tutoring program, students will undertake a test and based on the results, they will be assigned a level. We will closely monitor each student and as they get better, they will be promoted to the next level.

When your child completes the 5 tutoring levels, we assure you of better performance in high school.

High School Tutoring

Subjects that are tutored:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus

Subjects are tutored at the Regular and the Advanced Placement (AP) levels as needed.

Both private (1-on-1) and small group (2-4 students) sessions are offered.

Tutoring Subjects in Sugar Land, TX


  • Math
  • Science
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra – 1
  • Geometry
  • Science
  • ELA (Grammar, Reading, Writing,
    and Editing)

Elementary Detail

Middle School Detail


Subjects tutored:

  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Subjects are tutored at the Regular and the Advanced Placement (AP) levels as needed.

Both private (1-on-1) and small group (2-4 students) sessions are offered.

High School Detail


  • General Physics 1
  • General Chemistry 1
  • Calculus – 1, 2

What happens if your child fails to get good grades despite all the efforts made by his teachers? Will you give up, claiming that this is his fate? Absolutely not! When help from teachers isn't enough, IQ Learning steps up and helps your child excel.

Here is your solution…

Tutoring Service Harris County

IQ Learning is a top-rated tutoring company in sugar land, TX that has been operating since 2011. Our focus is on tutoring students in grades 4–12 on various school subjects, including math and sciences. We are not only completely aligned with the school districts’ tutoring in sugar land courses, but also go beyond.

Our team of passionate and dedicated tutors who will ensure that every student achieves his full academic potential. Whether your child is preparing for his school coursework, SAT, act or TAKS exam, we will ensure that he will get the best grades.

Students will work with a dedicated tutoring team that understands the unique needs of all their students. For us, challenging our students to go beyond their current ‘best’ will unlock the best they can be!

We do not just stop at tutoring! Our tutoring staff will follow up on each student to ensure that they are ready to tackle their upcoming test and exam. We want to ensure that your child is sucseful and we offer dedicated and high level attention to detail to ensure their sucsess!

Does your child need middle school tutoring, test prep for SAT or act? Or he needs a more personalized tutoring program?

Is your child a star performer who wants personal guidance to jump ahead of his peers?

We can tailor our tutoring program to ensure academic advancement and to ensure your child is exceeding their goals and expectation!

We have the right tutoring program for him! We understand how important it is for your child to perform better in mathematics and science for his STEM fields.

Whatever your child’s needs are, We have the right tutoring and academic advancement programs specially tailored for him!

Call us today and speak with Sugoto, we promise a great improvement within a short period of time.

In fact, if you stick with us for 48 hours or more, and your child follows our education guidelines, we guarantee a letter grade increase in your students’ grade or the next 8 hours are free.

With our personalized tutoring programs, you can be assured that your child will get the best. Make that call and together, let us build a better future for your child!


At IQ Learning, we understand how important it is for students to understand each topic in their curriculum. This is why we provide advancement tutoring in sugar land courses in various subjects.

Among the subjects we handle in out advancement tutoring courses are:

  • Pre-calculus PA

  • Calculus AP

  • Biology Pre AP

  • Algebra 2

  • Chemistry AP

At the end of the tutoring in sugar land sessions, your child will achieve amazing results. He will have mastered the concepts that will allow him to perform better compared to his previous grades.

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    At IQ Learning, we do not just offer tutoring programs. Ours are tailor-made programs that will cater for the individual needs of all our students.

    Once we are able to understand your child’s weaknesses, we will work towards eliminating it and then, enhance his skills. contact us today and let us help your child prepare for his SAT and act tests.

    With our tutoring program, you can never go wrong.

    Call Us Today and Let Us Secure The Future of Your Child by Making Them Perform Better or Fill The Form Below to contact Us. IQ Learning Will Respond Within The Next Business Day!



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