SAT Prep Curriculum

Critical Reading

Critical Reading (CR) contributes about 580 points towards the SAT score. The major topics in this section are:

  1. Short single passages
  2. Short double passages
  3. Sentence completion

Each section needs a different technique to effectively answer the questions. The curriculum is designed to teach the techniques that maximize the student’s score.



The Writing section consists of one essay and two multiple-choice (MC) sections. The essay section contributes about 30% of the writing overall score while the multiple choice section contributes about 70% of the score. In the essay section, the student is asked to write an essay based on a given prompt. It does not require specialized knowledge in any particular discipline. The MC section consists of three main types of questions:

  • Identifying sentence errors
  • Improving sentences
  • Improving paragraphs

The curriculum is designed to help students improve in both the sections. Beginning with the fundamentals of grammar including the parts of a sentence, phrases and clauses, the student will learn effective writing techniques including those that are tested in the MC section. These techniques include but are not limited to correct tense sequences, pronoun shifts, parallelism, noun and subject – verb agreements among others. How to express ideas clearly, precisely and logically is a major focus of the curriculum.



Math Section

There are two math sections, the calculator and the non-calculator. These two sections broadly cover the following topics:


Basic equations



Word Problems on rates, work


Testing 2D figures

Applications of 2D theorems and postulates

Simple solid shapes

Word Problems

Miscellaneous Math:




Data analysis from graphs and expressions

Multi-concept Word problems that involve multiple concepts from the above sections


The curriculum is designed to master the techniques in each of the above topic.

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